How to improve your aim in Valorant

Aiming is the most essential skill you need for winning your Valorant game. In this guide we will show you the best tips and tricks we have collected so far to improve your aim.

Source: Riot Games

1. Hardware

Every soldier can only be so precise, his weapon allows him to be. And your Weapon is your gaming mouse. What does not matter for your aim is how many buttons or crazy blinking effects your mouse got. The most important properties of a good mouse are the following:


  • Non wireless: Wireless mouses can have interferences with other wireless stuff and impair your aim. Further they can produce a little input lag.


  • Good Sensor: Studies show that there are enormous differences in quality. The biggest one is between optical and laser sensors. To make it short, you should only use optical mouses. They are just more accurate.


  • Polling Rate: The polling rate measures how often your mouse reports its position to your computer. A higher polling rate avoids lag between your hand-movement and your crosshair-movement in the game. Good values are around 1000 Hz.


  • DPI: The DPI (DotsPerInch) measures how sensitive your mouse is. Almost every new gaming mouse got enough DPI. In CS:GO a lot of pro players play with 400 DPI. So, if your mouse can do that it’s sufficient.


Good aim-weapons which are also often used by proplayers are: ZowieFK1, Zowie FK2, Zowie EC1-A, Zowie EC2-A, Steelseries Rival and Logitech G Pro Wireless (if you do really need a wireless mouse)


To give your mouse the best surface for perfect precision, you need a mousepad.  The most important thing for your mousepad is its size. Because you have to play with a low sense, you need a big enough mousepad to prevent you from reaching the end  for 180° movements. Further the material of the pad is highly relevant for your precision and control. The best material is micro-woven cloth.

2. Mouse Settings

First of all you should activate raw-input in the ingame settings. This makes sure that the information of your mouse goes directly to the game and won’t get changed from windows settings.

Further you need to deactivate mouse-acceleration. If activated it makes your aim more unpredictable and you won’t get a good muscle memory.

The last point: mousesense is object to your personal preferance. But the most pro-players play with a very low sense. It prevents you from “over-aiming” and missing your target. The only recommendation is that you should be able to do atleast a 180° turn with your field of view ingame with one movement on the length of your mousepad.

3. Arms

For your aim it is essential to warm up your hands. From my experience cold hands have a negative impact on the aim. Further you should try to aim not with your wrist, but with the forearm. This prevents pain in your wrist from long gaming sessions and gives you a more stable aim. Now you should make sure that the placement of your forearm on the table is everytime the same. So your body can remember how much to move your arm to hit the enemy. This is called muscle-memory

4. Crosshair

The most important factor for your crosshair is its visabilitiy. So you should choose a color, which stands out from the most backgrounds. If you notice that you are playing too agressive you should not use a red crosshair, because this color encourages more agressive behaviour. The size should be about ~1,5x the size of the enemies head on the most distances.

5. Crosshairplacement

Preparation is everything. But what means this for your aim? This means, you should always prepare your crosshair in that position where you expect your enemy to pop up on your screen.

Source: Riot Games


Most players do this pre-aiming already when they are standing still. But you should also do this when walking around and especially walking around corners. In addition always aim at the height of the enemies head. Do not look at the enemies knees, because this deals less damage.

Thanks for reading 🙂

We hope you enjoyed the guide and may the aim be with you