what did change?

Rifles, champions, maps and balancing have been improved and a number of mistakes were finally eliminated. The accuracy of the transition from race to direct stop has been adjusted. The speed of the deadzone accuracy has been increased from 25% to 30%. Also, the recovery time of all assault rifles has been adjusted to make single shots and bursts of fire more efficient. This has been corrected downwards for all assault rifles. In addition, the basic walking accuracy was increased from 0.6° to 0.8°, because continuous fire was too powerful. The Ares became a little cheaper instead of 1700 and 1600 and the deviation of the bullets was improved.

what about the agents?

Sage, Cypher, Omen, Viper, Phoenix and Brimstone have received updates. Sage got a nerf after because the developers thought she was too op.
The other characters have been also balanced. Viper’s Contamination has now been increased from 350 to 450 in radius to match other abilities. The cost of abilities has also been changed, Sage’s Barrier Sphere now costs 400 credits (up from 300), Raze’s Explosive Pack 200 credits (up from 100), Phoenix’s Nasty Throw 200 credits (up from 100), Brimstone’s Incendiary 300 credits (up from 200), and Jett’s Upwind now costs 100 credits (up from 200). The cards have also undergone some changes. All changes made in patch 0.50 can be found right here. What´s your opinion? Are you happy with the changes?

source: https://www.nat-games.de/2020/05/13/valorant-alles-zum-patch-0-50/

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