Gen.G wins $20,000 at Star Tournament in Valorant

Gen.G wins $20,000 at Star Tournament in Valorant

Team Gen.G Esports won the prize of 20,000 US dollars in the Valorant T1 Invitational tournament. The team beat former Counter-Strike professionals brax (2:1) in the final.

Since Gen.G came from Upper Bracket, the team already had a point in the best-of-three series. Although Team brax, led by Braxton “brax” Pierce, who was banned from the professional Counter-Strike in a match-fixing scandal, won the first card blind with 13:11 and thus equalized the score to 1:1. The second card Haven was then also given to Gen.G. with 13:11.

The tournament was also the first appearance for Overwatch star Jay “sinatraa” Won in Valorant. He and his team defeated Team Sonii in the first round, but then lost 2-0 to finalist Team Brax and was eliminated 9-13 by Team Shroud in the Lower Bracket on the map Haven.

Although Valorant is still in closed beta, it is already attracting a lot of interest from e-sports organisations and shooter fans.


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