References to a PlayStation 4 conversion?

References to a PlayStation 4 conversion?

A few days ago, the developers of Riot Games pointed out that the studio is quite open to a possible console version of Valorant. In the source code of the shooter Dataminer claim to have discovered hints for a PS4 conversion.

According to recent reports, the implementation for the PlayStation 4 may already be in progress. Dataminer claim to have come across the supposedly decisive hint in the source code of Valorant.
The following lines of code were discovered: “PS4_Ver-1234_DefaultGame.ini”, “PS4_DefaultEngine.ini” and “pakchunk1-PS4_P.pak”.

Since an official statement on the part of Riot Games about the current rumors is still pending, the data miners’ statements should of course be treated with the necessary caution for the time being.


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