Start date is fixed – soon playable for everyone

The start date is fixed – soon playable for everyone

Many Valorant fans have been eagerly waiting for the chance to participate in the closed beta of Riot Games new tactical shooter. But the access to it is very limited and not everyone has been able to test the game for themselves.
Now the good news: The developers have surprisingly announced the release of the full version – and the start date is very soon to come.

Valorant will be released on June 2, 2020. Many of us expected a later release, as Riot had previously talked about releasing the shooter in the summer.

Soon everyone will be able to dive into the tactical battles of Valorant. The beta phase ends on May 28th, so the game will not be playable for a few days.

New Agents and more content!

After the release of the full version some new content will be added. The press release from Riot says that among other things a new game mode, a map and an additional agent will be integrated into the game. More and more new content will be added in the following months. Contrary to the current trend towards Battle-Royale, Valorant is abandoning the popular mode – but it cannot be ruled out that this mode will be integrated at some point!


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