Valorant Agents

Each of the ten Heroes, who will be called Agents in Valorant, will bring their own set of skills to the field. In this overview, we introduce you to the agents and show you their skills.

Valorant Agent – Phoenix

Phoenix comes from Great Britain and relies on offensive abilities in combat. With Phoenix on your team, you can lead fast breakthroughs or fight on your own account as a jungler. Or create a distraction while your Valorant team secretly attacks somewhere else.


Hot Hands – 100 – Phoenix throws a fireball that explodes after a delay or when it hits the ground. The fire zone damages enemies and heals the player.

Blaze – 200 – Places a wall of flame that blocks your view and deals damage to anyone passing through it. Phoenix can bend the wall by holding down the left mouse button while throwing.

Curveball – free – Throws a torch around corners, which after a short delay will explode in glaring light, temporarily blinding anyone looking at it. Left click bends it to the left, right click bends it to the right.

Run it back – 6 Points – Phoenix marks its current position. If he dies or time runs out during the duration of this ability, the agent will be reborn at the marked location with full health.

Valorant Agent – Jett

Jett comes from South Korea and uses her speed to make opponents dizzy. She could be used to warm up players who like more agile fighting styles and want to support their team in Valorant with a kind of smoke grenade to help them advance unnoticed.



Cloudburst -100- Jett ejects a cloud of fog that blocks the view. By pressing the ability key, it can bend the cloud’s trajectory during flight.

Updraft -200- After a brief charge, Jett catapults itself into the air.

Tailwind -free- Jett performs a Dash in the direction she moves.

Blade Storm -6 Points- Jett arms herself with several deadly throwing knives that do moderate damage and are deadly on head hits. Achieving a kill restores all daggers. A left click throws a single dagger.

Right-clicking – throws all remaining daggers in a short burst of fire.

Valorant Agent – Viper

Viper comes from the USA and uses poisonous effects to bathe opponents in acid or block the view of key points with a wall. She can also turn a large area into her personal snake pit, allowing her to see all enemies in the area.



Snake Bite -100- Viper fires a projectile that explodes in a pool of harmful acid.

Poison Cloud -200- Throws a gas emitter that can be reactivated to create a toxic cloud of smoke at the cost of fuel. The emitter can be picked up and thrown again after a short cool down.

Toxic Screen -free- Viper uses a long series of gas emitters that can be reactivated to create a high wall of toxic gas at the cost of fuel.

Viper’s Pit -7 Points- Viper creates a large toxic cloud in an area that will last as long as Viper remains in the cloud. Enemies inside the cloud are highlighted for Viper.

Valorant Agent – Sova

Sova comes from Russia and helps his team by locating and marking opponents for all team members. Here, players who like to play a kind of Recon class could get their money’s worth in Valorant.



Shock Bolt -100- Sova fires an explosive bolt that deals damage with a pulse of static energy upon impact.

Owl Drone -300- Sova deploys a controllable drone that can fire an arrow that reveals hit enemies.

Recon Bolt -free- Sova fires a bolt that fires a sonar transmitter. The sonar pings identify nearby enemies, exposing them. Can be destroyed.

Hunter’s Fury -7 Points- Sova fires up to three deadly energy shots that penetrate the entire map. Each enemy hit suffers heavy damage and is marked.

Valorant Agent – Cypher

Cypher comes from Morocco and, like his colleague Sova, is focused on gathering information about the opposing team. He is therefore a valuable agent to gain a tactical advantage in Valorant by predicting enemy moves. He can also slow down enemies.



Trapwire -200- Cypher places a camouflaged tripwire between two walls. Triggering enemies are held back and exposed for a short time. If the trap is not destroyed, it is activated to stun the captured victim. Can be recorded.

Cyber Cage -100- Cypher ejects a remote activation trap. Reactivate to create a cage that slows down enemies passing through it.

Spycam -free- Cypher places a remote camera. Once placed, he reactivates it to view the video feed. The camera can also fire a tracking arrow.

Neural Theft -7 Points- Cypher extracts information from the corpse of an enemy to determine the location of his living allies.

Valorant Agent – Brimstone

Brimstone comes from the USA and provides the heavy artillery in Valorant. He uses orbital bombardment to block off entire areas, while he uses a Stim transmitter to boost the fire rate of his teammates.



Incendiary -200- Brimstone fires a incendiary grenade that deals AoE damage.

Stim Beacon -100- Brimstone targets a nearby location to request a Stim Beacon that gives rapid fire to all nearby players.

Sky Smoke -free- Brimstone uses the map to activate smoke veils from orbit that obscure visibility.

Orbital Strike -6 Points- Brimstone uses the card to attack a location and deliver a devastating orbital strike that deals high damage over several seconds.

Valorant Agent – Sage

Sage comes from China and looks after the physical well-being of her Valorant team. For this she uses healing orbs. She can even completely reanimate players who have been completely cut off from the world.



Slow Orb -100- Sage ejects a radianite sphere that becomes a deceleration field when it hits the ground. All persons trapped in the field are slowed down, grounded and make noise when they move.

Barrier Orb -300- Sage conjures up a large, solid wall. You can use the right mouse button to turn the wall before ejecting it.

Healing Orb -free- Sage heals an ally or herself to full health within seconds.

Resurrection -7 Points- Sage resurrects a fallen teammate to full health after a short delay.

Valorant Agent – Omen

Nothing is known about Omen’s origin and background. This shadowy valorant agent uses teleport to move behind the enemy team and can obstruct enemy vision.



Paranoia -200- Omen sends out an ethereal shadow in a straight line, making enemies short-sighted.

Shadow Walk -100- Omen dematerializes after a delay and can teleport a short distance.

Dark Cover -free- Omen sends out a hidden ethereal orb that becomes a darkening shadow orb in its final location. Can be charged to increase distance.

From the Shadows -7 Points- Omen selects any location on the map to teleport. Upon arrival, it appears as a shadow that returns to its original location after death. Once the teleport is completed, he becomes disembodied for a short time.

Valorant Agent – Omen

Breach was revealed during the beta launch. He uses explosive charges to create AoE damage. He also has considerable mass control and can incapacitate enemies for short periods of time.



Aftershock -100- Blows up a previously equipped fusion charge that slowly penetrates walls. All players hit take heavy damage.

Flash Charge -200- Fires a flash grenade that detonates at the target location, temporarily blinding all players.

Fault Line (Signature) -free- Unleashes a seismic quake. All players in the affected area are temporarily disabled.

Thunder Rumble (Ultimate) -7 Points- Creates a cone-shaped earthquake, regardless of terrain. All affected players are thrown into the air, rendering them unable to fight.

Valorant Agent – Raze

Completely surprising was the appearance of Raze: the agent had never been announced or introduced anywhere before. She fights a boom bot and seems to have a lot of fun blowing things up.



Explosive Charge -200- Throws an explosive charge that sticks to surfaces and can be detonated manually. The explosion causes damage and throws enemies back.

Cluster grenade -free- Throws a grenade that explodes into many more small bombs.

Boom Bot (signature) -100- The bot is ignited by fire. It then shoots forward, bounces off walls and chases enemies. If it hits someone, it explodes and causes a lot of damage.

Showstopper (Ultimate) -6 Points-  Fires a massive projectile from a rocket launcher, dealing massive area damage.


Is there some new information we didn´t mention or do you think one of the descriptions is nonsense? Please feel free to write us!