First wave hits 9000 cheater

First ban wave hits 9000 cheater & there will follow many more

Vanguard, Valorant’s anti-cheat system, is often criticized. Players are concerned about privacy and security of the program. However, it is already showing clear effects during the beta: Riot has now banned exactly 8,873 cheaters. This was announced on Twitter by Phillip Koskinas, anti-cheat engineer:

The development team won’t reveal anything about the exact ban methods. Because any information could make it easier for the fraudsters to circumvent the measures. Although it is assumed that the cheaters will sooner or later find out the method, the team does not want to speed up this process.

However, as can be read in relevant forums, it is probably neither simple account bans nor was the hardware ID blocked. Nevertheless, the development team is able to detect the cheaters across different accounts. Riot Games itself jokingly explains that they ban the “souls of the cheaters”.

Anti-cheat measures continue

Riot explained that they will not stop by removing cheaters from the game.
On Reddit, Riot3Ko (member of the Valorant team) says that this is “just the beginning”.

Valorant cannot afford a massive cheater problem if it want´s to be the new powerhouse alongside League of Legends. After all, the shooter is counting on being streamed by many. The game is also set to establish itself in e-sports.

Riot3ko adde: it is possible that cheaters have gained account access without permission. If you are affected and have lost your account unjustifiably, please contact support here.

Riot is not only working on making cheaters more visible, but also on making the anti-cheat system more user-friendly. At the end of April 2020, the developer released an update that allows you to manually disable or uninstall the tool as long as you are not playing Valorant.


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