It was one of the most wanted features of the community: A ranked mode to be matched with like-minded players. Now developer Riot Games seems to comply with this wish.
The “competitive mode”, as developer Ian “Brighteyz” Fielding calls it in the official announcement, comes with patch 0.49 for Europe and North America.

The ranked mode will follow the same rules as the current “unrated” mode. The latter should also be available permanently, while the rankings should be suspended for a short time every now and then.

The rules have been defined as follows:

  • Finish 20 unrated matches to unlock the competition mode
  • Eight ranks, three Tiers and the top rank “VALORANT”
  • Games with up to 5 players in a group (players may have a maximum of 2 ranks/ 6 levels difference)
  • Rank is hidden if no competition is played for 14 days, but does not expire
  • The rank is not taken over from the closed beta into the finished game
  • These are the ranks
  • The ranks in VALORANT

The ranks are divided into iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, immortal and the highest rank – VALORANT.

A promotion only works by match wins. Good individual performance can reinforce progress.

In matchmaking, groups of the same size should also be found when you search in the queue with your friends.

Riot also wants to counteract smurf and boost accounts with a view to past achievements.

Riot Games has published detailed information in the VALORANT blog.

What do you think of the ranks and the designs? Write us on the forum!

Picture source: VALORANT

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