Riot Games confirms two new agents in beta

Could the next Agent be called Sabine?

Riot Games has already confirmed that there will be two new agents during the beta phase of Valorant. Now there are some clues that suggest that a vampire agent could possibly get into the game.
In many audio voices of the agents in Valorant, the name “Sabine” appears frequently. So far it was assumed that this is the first name of Viper, but if you listen to all the audio voices in succession, you can see that Sabine is a different person, who has not yet appeared in Valorant. In the files you can also find a character folder named pandemic, which is related to viper and another agent folder called “vampire” which could be the one for Sabine.

Valorant - Leaked Agent “Sabine” Interactions (& New Venice Map Interactions) | Valorant #6
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A Vampire?

Besides the name Sabine, the lines of the other agents give further information about the possible new character in Valorant. Cypher says for example: “Remember: She can only suck our souls out of us after we die”. This indicates that one of the abilities of the agent Sabine could be to use the souls of dead enemies for herself and use the energy for her abilities. In this respect Agent Sabine would be a kind of “soul vampire”. Besides that she is probably a character who comes from Italy, because the agent Breach says: “Ah, the Italians have some fancy toys”.

Of course this is all still speculation, but it would actually make sense to bring another sentinel agent into the game, since Sage is currently the only healer/support agent. Since Riot Games is adding weekly updates to Valorant, it might not be long before we see the new agent.

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