Why Jett dies faster than the other Agents

Why Jett dies faster than the other Agents

Some players had suspected that agent Jett was taking more headshots than other agents. To confirm this suspicion, they did some shooting tests in custom game mode. And in fact, Jett’s head shots were not only taken in clear head shots.

It was enough to hit the agent’s hood and shoulders to trigger the headshot. This is a problem because headshots in Valorant are extremely deadly. Many weapons even achieve one-hit kills.
Therefore Jett can be killed by wildly shooting opponents more often, because “sprays” hit her “head” from time to time.

Is it a bug?

According to meinMMO a Valorant developer said at an allusion event that the hit boxes should actually be the same size for all agents.
So it’s a bug? No, the hit boxes of the different agents are indeed the same size, but not uniform. Since the silhouettes of the agents are so different for reasons of easy identification, the developers have been creative in placing the hitbox. That’s why the rather narrow Jett has a somewhat more generous hitbox.

Anyway, now that you know about this disadvantage you can adjust your game style and maybe have even more success with Jett!

source: https://mein-mmo.de/valorant-jett-stirbt-schneller/

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